Carry The Thankfulness of Thanksgiving With You Always

Thanksgiving is a day to look back at this year and be thankful for all the things that have happened and been given in your life. It's a time to realize that you are fortunate, you are blessed.

This is a beautiful holiday because of this, but I want to reach out to you on this holiday to ask you to carry this gratefulness with you always. This Thanksgiving and every day to follow.

I’m sure every family’s traditions are different, but my family goes around the large table before we start eating and state what we are thankful for. It kind of puts you on the spot and can be a bit nerve racking, but it allows you to think deep about what you really want to say you have been so blessed for this year.

We should carry these intentions within every day, think deep about what we are thankful for, as it allows us to realize that there is so much, that we are blessed. 

Any negative things seem to disappear when you think so hard about all the things you’re thankful for. These thoughts carry peace throughout the day with family and friends, imagine what these thoughts could do for you every single day.

It’s easy to get caught up in life, it can be busy at times, or even always. Day’s like Thanksgiving, like Christmas, like Sundays are days that are dedicated to slow down, to spend time with yourself and with others. We do this because it’s tradition, it is habit and it has always been done.

But what if we carried this same obligation to every day, told ourselves that every day is a day to slow down, to have self-care and to be grateful. It would be a dramatic change of habit, but also a habit that could change your whole life.

This Thanksgiving… and every day, I am thankful for the family and friends around me that support me, that guide me and love me unconditionally. I’m thankful for the amazing boyfriend that I have and that we continue to strive and grow together.

I am thankful for new friendships, I’m thankful for the lessons learned from all the losses and shall they help me grow. I’m thankful for the memories, the laughter, the new ideas and new experiences.

I’m grateful to have a home, to have a job, to have a vehicle, to have food and water every day and a comfortable bed, clothes for my body and all the tools to succeed.

I know that I am blessed and I am fortunate, not just today but every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone πŸ™‚  


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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