5 Ways Nature Benefits The Mind And Body

We wander in nature to see its beauty, that’s a given. But nature actually has many benefits to the mind that you may not have even realized. A walk in the woods can be used instead of seeing a therapist, it’s why we call it Mother Nature! πŸ™‚

Let me first say that nature has given us everything we’ve ever needed. It rains water from the sky, fire from the sun, food from the dirt and oxygen from the air. Three of these elements, wind, fire (sun) and water can all also generate energy naturally from windmills, solar energy and water dams.

Please take a second to realize how magnificent Mother Earth is! There is an abundant nature out there, meant to nurture us if we only seek it out.


  • According to a study between students spending time in the city and some spending time in the woods, the half in the woods ended up with less cortisone, a hormone linked to stress. Not only this but their heart rate decreased. More information found here.

Studies show this may be related to the smell of nature.

  • Another study shows that nature may act as an antidepressant. Results showing that people living closer with nature demonstrate significantly less depression rates than people in urban cities.


  • Nature is also known to improve mental health and memory. The participants in this study proved to have more cognitive skills, as they participated in their daily activities outside instead of inside. Study shown here.


  • Stress is considered a factor in causing cancer, this is one way nature can help prevent cancer. Another is demonstrated in a study that shows that a cell in the immune system responsible for fighting off disease called NK (natural killer) significantly increased in the participants who spent days in nature.


  • Another health benefit of nature is air purification, which without could cause a number of effects such as nausea, lung damage, chest pain and headache over time.


It’s quite incredible that in all reality, all that we ever needed has already been supplied by Mother Nature, if only we seek it. These are not temporary results either, if you continue to spend time in nature on a daily basis, these health benefits can change your life.



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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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