Full Moon Ritual

A full moon is such a special time that should be taken advantage of! As new moons are meant to let go and begin anew, a full moon is when your truest self surfaces and you have the great possibility to reap the benefits of the goals you’ve met within this moon cycle.

A full moon is nothing to be ignored and seen as just the sky being a little brighter that night, so here are some ways that I use a full moon to my benefit and how I will be using it this weekend.

It is spiritually believed that the full moon brings out the truest of our beings. This explains the many crazy things that happen on the nights of full moons, both negative and positive, it is your subconscious slowly bring it’s energy forward.

Because of this reason, I like to set myself up for success. I try to do something that I need to be doing on the day and night of the full moon, most of the time, this is some sort of writing. Of course, this is different for everyone and this is the best time to set your mind to these things!

If no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get yourself to focus upon something that you need to do, maybe you are simply in need of a rest. And that’s okay! Maybe your full moon is meant to be spent meditating, reading or some sort of well-needed relaxation time. I meditate on a full moon no matter what!

If your good at art, music, or whatever your passions are, set time aside for them on this full moon!

Something I always do on a full moon as well is charge my crystals under the full moon, I will set them up, safe outside or by a window, so they can take in the moonlight.

Things to also keep in mind during a full moon is which stars align with it, this full moon aligns with two stars in the Virgo Constellation, Porrima and Vindemiatrix, doing more research on astrology can guide you on some activities to do and to stay away from because of the correlation with these stars. This is something I really want to learn more about! Here is a good guide to some more information about this astrology.

I hope everyone has a good Easter weekend and a great full moon! 🙂

Photo by the talented Instagram: @earthy_azz

Want a custom ritual? Click here.


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