The Importance Of Taking A Day Off For Yourself

For the past few months I have been going to war with myself as to whether or not I could afford to take a day off during the week, not to do anything particular, but just to have a day to myself.

The weekends always tend to fill up with checklists and when your in a relationship, those days are spent tackling tasks together and sometimes it is nice to have a day all to yourself.

Well, I finally took that day off and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. I woke up on my own time, spent time to meditate and do some morning mantras before taking my dog on a walk in nature and getting myself a nice latte.

I was able to take my time, knowing I had this whole day to do nothing but what I wanted to do. I went home and did some writing and researched travel, set some goals for myself and got inspired.

I did an hour yoga session to myself, something I hadn’t done in a long while and I got some simple tasks done that only I needed to do.

Time to do these simple things can be taken for granted, I’ve realized this now that I’m working such long days and my mind is simply too tired to focus on multiple things after the sun has already set.

In todays world, we feel obligated to answer our every phone call, to keep busy and feel as if we need an excuse to take a day to ourselves, to relax and be alone. The norm says that this is meant to be squished into Saturday and Sunday along with all the other things on your to-do list. I find that to be counteractive, being that you have to schedule in your relaxation time.

I felt as if I knew all of this and still I contemplated taking one day off during the week for over a month, I felt as if I didn’t have a good enough excuse for it. But finally taking that day off made it seem even more meaningful and I believe it will help me to feel and perform better during my daily tasks when I get back to those long days of work ahead of me.

Not every action you do deserves an elaborate explanation, sometimes you must simply listen to your intuition.


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