May All You’re Crystals Be Precious

I still remember the first crystal I ever owned, it was a small tiger’s eye that my best friend gave to me. Tiger’s eye are most recognized for their energy to bring good luck, I guess I needed luck in my life at that point in time.

After that, crystals started to make their way into my life, little by little, and each had a very special place in my life, I set them in their own places throughout my home and I knew exactly what each one brought to my spirit.

My mother was always into crystal healing when I was younger, but I never believed everything my mother said, and yet here I am today, filling my home with crystals.

The first crystal I bought for myself was a natural citrine, it was very simple and cost seven dollars. This was a point in my life where I barely had enough money by the end of each month to pay my rent and remaining bills, but this crystal shined so bright to me. We had bought a couple things from this shop, and found out later that we had only charged me seven cents for the crystal; to me this was a sign that this crystal needed to find a way into my life. Citrine is also my birthstone, for a Sagittarius and known to bring good fortune and creativity.


Today, I have probably around thirty crystals in my life, big and small. This is a rough estimate, and most of these crystals have a special place in my home, but after a while, it became more of a collectable hobby. I found myself buying a crystal every time I found a crystal shop, and sometimes forgetting what the spiritual properties were to a few and why I needed this particular crystal in my life.

I think many crystal fans come to this point in their life sooner or later, but I am just now realizing it. What makes these crystals even more energetic, is the energy within you of which they respond to and the time you put into connecting with your gems.

Crystals are gorgeous, but collecting them as if they are simple jewelry can become a materialistic lust if you lose the entire meaning.


So to better connect with my gorgeous and very special crystals, I know that I must only buy crystals that somehow call to me. And I will be sure to cleanse them with my sage smudge, meditate with each one to remember their meanings in my life and charge them on the next full moon on the 31st. Because of this, I am sure their energies will better radiate within my life.



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