Crystals and Herbs To Carry With You This Halloween

Every holiday has it’s own energy and Halloween has no short of it. Here are some spiritual tools that can help to elevate the mood of this Halloween, all of which should only be used with an open mind. I always say to people that if your energies are negative, you will achieve negative results.


Angel Aura Quartz:

I personally love this crystal, along with being gorgeous it also promotes peace and an expanded awareness, something I feel is important on a holiday that celebrates spirits.


Another beautiful stone that is known to help with spirit communications, access higher dimensions and promote serenity.

Spirit Quartz:

This is one of my favorite crystals, it is meant to help one discover your highest self a well as remove fear from the mind and protection. I find this to be the perfect stone for the holiday of Samhain.


The color purple couldn’t work any better for the occasion, Amethyst is known to help with divine connection and creativity.


This is a very unique stone, the color orange like a pumpkin, it is believed to expand awareness and activate the upper chakras within the energies of your body, such as the third eye and crown chakra. This is perfect to connect with the energies around us on this holiday.


Moldavite is a powerful stone for any situation and should be used always in my opinion, but for Halloween it can help with chakra activation, protection and an open mind. Carrying this stone with you always can help to promote fast spiritual growth.


This crystal comes in many forms and colors, it is perfect for connection for Halloween. Kyanite is known to connect one to nature and one’s natural psychic abilities as well as aid in past-life recall.

Black Tourmaline:

I recommend this stone for any accession that has sensitive energies, such as Halloween. It is one of the most well-known crystals to absorb negative energies and promote positive energies.

Siberian Blue Quartz:

This is a rarer stone, but perfect for the occasion, this crystal promotes mental clarity and insight, connection with the Earth and physic awakening.


And of course, any set of crystals can be helped with clear quartz to heighten the energies within your crystals.



Lavender, rosemary and sage can all be used around the home to banish negative energies and promote a peaceful aura. These are most commonly used burned or dried throughout the home.


If your feeling open-minded, gardenia is known to attract good spirits and peaceful vibrations.


This herb is known to promote household protection and believed to intoxicate spirits into coming visible, especially when this herb is burned as an incense.




** Crystal Information from ‘The Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.**





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