Misconceptions Of Witchcraft

For as long as I can remember, the term “witch” has been portrayed by evil, ugly women who eat children and cast curses.

The meaning of witchcraft has been drowned by the media and it has taken me until very recently to understand what it really is.

History tells us that witchcraft dates back to as early as the 1000’s, where women were the healers, using natural remedies such as plants and the simple power of the mind. Many of these women believed the power of Mother Earth instead of classifying as the popular vote of Christianity.

Sooner or later, these women were seen as a threat to the power of male doctors and priests, who persuaded the public that these women were witches that worshipped the devil and considered dangerous.

They soon made witchcraft illegal, sentenced to death to be sure these women would never threaten their power. Most history of witches ever being considered as anything but evil was destroyed and further written to see witches how we do today.

The simple process of making your own tea with herbs to cure your sore throat would be considered witchcraft.

Tarot, runes, crystal healing, horoscopes, tasseography, palmistry, moon phases and natural remedies from Earth’s elements are all a description of original witchcraft. Spells are a form of extreme law of attraction and karma, something witches strongly believe in.

The more I learn about this, the more I realize that I practice witchcraft daily, many people do and it’s a beautiful thing that should have never been cast away or seen wrongfully.


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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