East We Went, Now North We Go! – UPDATE

During our travels we have found ourselves going more south than anything else, so it has been a little exciting to start heading straight east towards Nevada!

We had found a few gigs in the Bay Area, Ricky helped a business move boxes and we crossed over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge to model a bike brand called Tempo bikes in downtown San Francisco, an experience we will remember forever.

We wandered the streets of San Fran, saw the famous Lombard St., and peddled up and down the San Francisco hills on these amazing electric bikes, showing excitement to a camera lens was an easy thing to do when we felt so happy in these moments together. We made good friends with the photographer, Tyler, who took the photo here.

We explored the Golden Gate Park for hours, though it could have took us a few days. This park is beautiful, I swear if San Francisco wasn’t it a city, it would be a jungle!

It took exploring the city for just one day to see it’s beauty, but also it’s busyness. It was no place for an R. V and cost of living was very expensive, as we had already expected.

That very night, we said our goodbyes to the city, over the Oakland Bridge and towards Nevada, knowing we had created some good memories there. We would love to come back some time with a car instead of R. V.

On our way to Nevada, we passed the Mojave Desert, the only place where the gorgeous Joshua Tree grows. We were heading into a completely different landscape and we were excited for the new experience

We stopped in Bakersfield, CA before entering into Las Vegas the next day and the heat was nothing to be fooled with! We figured it would cool down during the night, but it stayed in the 90s with no breeze. Our animals, nor ourselves could sleep, as our generator has not been working.

We came to a conclusion that very night that there was no way our animals could handle this heat. We could manage our way through it if we needed, but we couldn’t allow our animals to suffer, especially while we worked and left them alone.

Although Ricky had found a job that very day and I was well on my way, we had to make the best decision to start moving North, away from the heat.

We made sure to see what Vegas was all about though! We walked down the strip a couple miles, and it is a place of over-the-top adult playground, a major party city of extreme entertainment that we didn’t spend a dime on. (But this is for another post).

But we didn’t leave the city without making a few friends. With every city we go, we post things on Craigslist looking for housing and jobs. One girl had gotten ahold of me and wanted my advise on blogging and social media and grew up in Las Vegas, she offered to show us around and offered us help to find jobs and even a place to park.

Though we left too soon and were not able to officially meet her, I appreciated your generosity so much and would love to meet her some time in the future when we come back!

On our way out, we stopped near a gas station, where this group of guys who owned a car wash were very kind and insisted on giving our R. V a free car wash. They had so much fun washing our home until it was sparkling, they must have spent about 20 minutes on it. They sprayed us and Forrest, which made him extremely happy.

Afterwards, we just sat and talked for another fifteen minutes, they talked to us about their new business and Vegas and we shared our story with them. They offered us a place to stay anytime we came back to the area and we exchanged information, leaving Vegas with a clean home and some new friends.

I’m learning that sometimes, even if things don’t work out as expected, there should never have been an expectation in the first place. It’s the people that you meet, the stories that you share and things that you’ve learned that make an impact.


*Currently in Ely, Nevada


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