We’re Going Back To Cali Beaches – Update

As of about a week ago we have been in central California near Redding, and it is HOT!

Every day since we’ve arrived has been a constant effort to escape the 110 degree heat. Our animals are huffing with their mouths open, I put Tux in the freezer to keep him cool and it’s his new favorite thing.

We have gotten our first flat tire and just yesterday we came to the conclusion that  we underestimated the heat during this time and we are going to move back west until the weather cools.

There are many beautiful things I wanted to see in this area, many of which were my favorite, but central California is simply not calling our names, at least not right now.

We will not regret coming this way though, we have met some generous people and had many relaxing days by Shasta Lake where we cooled down in some gorgeous water, drove a boat around this huge lake and Forrest swam a distance for the first time. (I’m such a dog mom).

We plan to move towards the San Francisco area, keeping away from the city and find work until the end of August before coming back inwards towards Nevada and Arizona. We believe it’s the smartest decision for our animals, ourselves and for our vehicle.

Though this wasn’t in our original plans, the feeling of making it up as we go along is a bit thrilling. I may not know what we’re going to see on our new route, but I’m sure it will be wonderful!


We will come back to you Shasta County, California! 🙂


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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