California, Here We Come!

The days have been counting down and today we are moving onwards towards California, stopping at many beautiful locations in southern Oregon along the way. I never thought that saying such a thing would spark a bit of sadness in me, but leaving the town of Sisters feels like leaving home once more.

We have met so many kind people during our short time here, who knew that as only travelers we can walk downtown and have so many people recognize us.

We have heard so many inspiring stories as well as spread our own words of inspiration and we have received so much generosity and strive for nothing more but to give it back.

The people we know are begging us to stay, we have been given the opportunity to work as long as we’d like and some individuals have even sought out homes for us, but we must move forward.

Sisters, Oregon was the perfect way to begin our travels and it’s a wonderful thing to know that they’ve only just begun.

There is so much beauty this area has to offer and it’s difficult to say any experience could top this one, but it also makes me excited to see what the future holds for us and these upcoming states.

Here we have explored the Metolius River, Camp Sherman, Smith Rock, the Three sisters Wilderness, Proxy Falls, Tumalo Falls, The Dee Wright Observatory, felt the powerful rush of Wychus Creek Falls, the Skylight Caves, we have paddle boarded Suttle Lake and climbed to the summit of Black Butte mountain. We have experienced people we can call friends forever as well as memories that will never be forgotten.


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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