Full Of Kindness, Full Of Interest – Update

Since Ricky and I have started working at Rio, we have met so many kind people each and every day that love to learn everything about us and our travels. I have moved to being a full waitress and have loved every minute of it, the people I work for, with and the customers I speak with.

Many of the people that come into this restaurant know the owner and are regulars, several have asked us about every detail of our travels, where were going, where we should go, how to get there. I’ve even been handed maps and business cards from people that could help us with accommodations and job opportunities. Many of these people come back and remember us.

I have met more genuine, kind people in the last few weeks than I have in the full four years living in Spokane, this doesn’t have to do with the city itself, but rather a new way of looking at life itself. I have found myself interested in people more than my own self, and it has created such a powerful positive vibration in my life.

I have met people that have travelled the world helping others, people that run local trails, national forest camp hosts, people that have handed us incredible gifts and incredible love. We have had many people tell us that we have strong spirits and will go far, a statement that means more to us than they will ever recognize.

The people we work for have been the sort of people you know were fate to come across, the kind of people that give, give, give and we share so much respect for one another. We have created friends in these hard working people and have helped each other to grow within these last few weeks.

For this, I am so grateful.


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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