Inspire And Be Inspired

There is one crystal/stone shop in Sisters, by the name of Nature’s Bling. So of course I was drawn to this store. I had to be patient to see this place, as it was closed when I first saw it and the second time I had my big puppy, Forrest with me.

But the wait was well worth it, Ricky and I visited the place later and met the kindest, most inspiring man on this journey so far.

We wandered the shop, full of precious polished gems to raw stones. Ricky asked him how he it is that he gets all these stones, to which he responded that he and his wife travel all over the world and mine as well as buy all sorts of rare to abundant gems.

I asked if he had any aventurine, a stone known to unlock wander, creativity, optimism and zest of life. He guided us to the outside of the store where there was tables and buckets full of uncut, unpolished, raw stones.

He dug through one bucket for a few minutes before handing me an aventurine stone. He explained it to have traces of other stones such as chrysocolla, turquoise and amazonite.

I looked at it in wander as he walked away saying, “that one’s going home with you!”

I was in utter disbelief by this gesture! To me, the gift of a crystal is by far the best gift to give and the best gift to receive.

We looked around the shop as we spoke with this man about our travels and he shared his with us as well, how he’s travelled many states with hardly any money saved, just like us. He had set a goal for himself to have about $10,000 when he was finished, yet when he returned he had made more than his original goal intended.

The man has many degrees, just to further understand his passions and to work for himself. Journalism, just like mine, being one of them.

After doing some shopping around, I ended with a Selenite wand and a gorgeous piece of Clear Quartz. As he was ringing us up, he assured me that he could tell that I needed another stone for our journey. The stone was a unique, striking red, called Vanadinite, a crystal to help boost creativity, get your passions accomplished, creativity and oddly enough, help with writers block. This gem is a fire sign, the sign of a Sagittarius as well.

I asked how much this gorgeous piece was, but he handed it to me and said that it was mine. Again, I was blown away, this stone was very rare, only found in Morocco and he felt that I needed it with me and my travels.

I assured him that I was going to pay for my Quartz and Selenite, but he only charged me $3 for the two, he was so giving that I honestly had no way to thank him that was equivalent to my gratitude.

Ricky was intrigued by him being able to read which stone I needed, so he held onto Ricky’s hand and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them he said, “you have all the power and all the confidence in the world, what you need is some sensitivity and settlement.”

We were both pretty astonished by this, as it was pretty on point with his strengths and weakness’s. He guided us over to a stoned called Azurite, a dark blue gem, also called “the stone from heaven” because it can help to settle down stress and worry, to help them express emotions and be at peace and more in tune with their spiritual selves, stimulating the mind’s center. Also interesting as to the fact that he is a Libra, which have trouble expressing their emotions.

He held this tiny stone in his hand and made sure to get the name right for the future, but without question, the man handed a box with azurite to him and said that he needed it with him.

Never have I been given such meaningful gifts from someone that didn’t necessarily know us, he rather read us and our energies. He shared such passion for what we were doing and gave us helpful tips for travels and places we could mine for stones, as well as let us borrow his book that gave details about every place in Oregon you can hunt for crystals.

It was a wonderful thing to be able to hear from someone that has travelled in similar circumstances as ourselves to have been so successful along the way and in his life today. As I had said before, it is a powerful thing, the gift of crystals that you truly need somehow finding their way to you and I prize these gifts so much because of the story that lies behind them. They remind me of kindness and inspiration every time I see them.

Since we’ve been here in Sisters, positive vibrations have been coming our way every day. I’d like to say it all started with the mindset that this journey would be as such and I feel so blessed for all the kind people I have met and I intend to spread this positive energy everywhere I go.


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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