First Job – Update

The biggest concern most of my loved ones have about our travels is the fact that we left with no more money than our last paychecks, with the hopes that someone would see our dream and drive enough to employ us for a short month or two.

At first, I wasn’t quiet sure either, you never can be until you experience it yourself. Why would somebody hire a new person for such a short amount of time?

I have walked around the city of Sisters, speaking to nearly every single shop asking if they needed any extra help for the next month or so. I was surprised to hear from nearly every store that they desperately needed a helping hand for a short amount of time and I was like a gift from heaven to them! So much so that I had so many opportunities to work that I needed to simply choose one.

One night Ricky and I were out for drinks at the Mexican restaurant across the street from our R. V Park and caught onto the struggle the staff was having with the busy rush and shortage of staff. Ricky stepped aside to ask the owner if he was looking for anyone to help for the next month, to which his response was “are you serious?” With a laugh, we assured we were ready to work as soon as tomorrow.

The owner paid for our drinks that night and gave us a time to show up the next day. When we showed up at the restaurant, Ricky was put in back as bus boy and I was surprisingly put right out onto the floor. The owner showed us some tips to assist customers and how to work the register.

At first I was a little nervous, I had never worked as a waitress before and I had heard it was not the easiest to pick up on. I did not take food orders, as I didn’t know the menu, yet I did everything but. I greeted customers at the door and directed them to their seats with dinner and drink menus, got them waters, their drinks, chips and salsa and silverware. I made sure their glasses stayed full, reordered their drinks and made sure they had everything else that they needed.

The more the night went on the more we realized how desperately they needed this help, as it was the owner, the chef and no one else on the floor besides us.

That night I made almost $100 in tips within the four hours I worked when the restaurant was open. I met some amazing people, even some regulars interested in hearing my story as to what brought me to this restaurant in Sisters, OR.

Before we began cleaning the restaurant, they were kind enough to make us both a meal of our choosing. Afterwards he bought us both drinks and discussed the next month with us. Memorial day was coming up, as well as the Sisters Rodeo, they were going to be incredibly busy and weren’t sure if they had enough staff to keep up until we came along.

They loved our attitude and work ethic and offered us dinner to closing hours throughout most of the week, which would include dinner by the end of the night as well.

The entire situation was such a blessing and felt so right, of all the job opportunities we had, this one seemed like it was meant to be for us. Ricky will continue to work day hours at his other job and evenings at the restaurant with me. But everyone is very flexible with times that we want off to explore the area.

We traveled to Smith Rock just yesterday and it was absolutely spectacular! The coloring and massiveness of this rock was unexplainable. Wildlife from rabbits to rattle snakes roamed the area as well as a lovely aroma of sage brush everywhere we walked. It was a very different scenery that excites us for what’s to come.




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