The Gift Of A Crystal

My first night in Bend, I met some of the most kind-hearted, spiritual people. We both described to each other a strange pull that pulled us to this location that night; an energy that we had to further connect with. It was as if the universe intended for us to meet.

It’s a rarity to have things like this happen. We spent hours talking about things I love but hardly speak of, for it can scare some people off. Things like crystals, tarot, palmistry, universe vibrations and spiritual energy. These are the conversations that form genuine connections with people.

We ended the night with palm readings and they gave me the gift of sodalite. Sodalite is the stone of truth, it opens up blockages of communication and stimulates thoughts; it is also called the Poet’s stone.

We spoke about the belief that all crystals that are needed in your life are found or given to you; a belief that I shared with them, and it was the perfect gift to receive. With it they gave me a piece of paper, written on it was an affirmation in handwriting, as if it were meant for her to remember at one point. It said, “I prosper wherever I turn and all of life loves and supports me.” She gave it to me and said to keep it and she had a feeling that it was meant for me.

We spoke about the past, the future, our ambitions and thoughts on life itself on a deeper level. They found my travels and intentions inspiring, as have others I have met along the road. It is such an incredible feeling to inspire amazing people throughout our journey and I cannot wait to continue doing so, just as they have inspired me.

I have learned and connected with so many people I have met so far and the best I can do is try to return the favor and spread the positive vibrations throughout my journey, so that I may continue to attract it.

Once I attributed the affirmation she had given me into my life, I continued to pass it on. I left it behind in a place I felt it was needed and I hope it inspires that person as much as it inspired me.



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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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