We Call This Spoiling Ourselves

It’s been nearly two weeks now since we’ve parted from our families onto our endeavors, since then we’ve parked in many locations for the night to call our home, but only one of them have been an R. V park.

This isn’t necessarily because we don’t have the money for it, but because spending all our nights comfortably in an R. V park was not our intentions for our travels. But to rather test our limits and expectations, to live more minimally.

We have saved ourselves a lot of money by doing so and seen more beauty in it as well. We’ve parked in abandonned parking lots in the middle of the city, off the side of the highway, store parking lots and somewhere off the road in Mt. Washington. Never have I appreciated my surroundings as much as I have these last couple weeks. All of our time has been spent amongst new experiences within nature and it has energized our souls much more than electricity ever has.

All we need is a place to park and a place to explore. There is a thrill within not knowing the atmosphere of our next home. That it is ever changing and of our choosing, whether it be an ocean front or a parking lot.

When we decided to pay for an R. V park, it was like special treatment. We were out of water, grey tanks full and tired of finding different parking in the same city.

The experience couldn’t have been any better. The R. V park we paid for was in Newport, OR, with water, sewage, garbage, internet, electricity and a beautiful view of the marina. Most of which many people consider the daily must-haves, but we felt completely pampered; these are things I will no longer ever take for granted.

To top it off, the host of the camp gave us a personal grand tour of the whole city. This old man loves where he lives and you could tell with how he described it. He drove us all around Newport and stopped and told us the history of the area, pulled over and showed us where the sea lions like to hang out, where an old shipwrecks remains lied as well as whale bones.

It is people like this man that makes me so excited to explore the cities ahead, their history, beauty and people.

We have just arrived in Bend, OR. This is a place we have planned to stay since we began planning our trip, and we are finally here! We plan to stay for at least a month and find work wherever we can; it is exciting to not know where or what that will be. Of course, we also plan to explore all the area has to offer, such as Tumalo Falls, Metolius River, Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Benham Falls, Lava Island Falls, Dillon Falls, Paulina Falls and much more.


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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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