Positive Vibrations

I strongly believe that once you continually put out an intention into the universe with positive energy feeding that intention, it is written in this universe that it will somehow make its way into your life. The universe shapes around this continuing thought to make sure all paths open for you to take, if you believe it will happen enough.

My boyfriend and I have been setting our intentions on this new way of living for about a year. All our extra time and energy has been put into planning and saving, so that there will be no excuse by the time we left. Nearly all my thoughts have been dedicated to how excited I am and how beautiful the whole experience will be.

It has been ten days since we’ve started our journey across Washington, we stayed near Yakima during this time; arranging our new R. V, visiting family and working as much as we could.

These past ten days have been a beautiful reminder of how many experiences there are to come, how many lives we would touch, things we’d learn and people we’d meet.

I couldn’t have asked for a more positive way to begin this adventure.

Not only have we got an amazing deal on a 37 ft. R. V, but we also got the title signed over to us by only putting a portion down, based on faith for the other payments.

What we didn’t account for was the tax we had to pay to sign the title over for the initial purchase. This tax was nearly $1,000. We thought our plans were going to be held here in the Yakima area for another two weeks, but these family friends agreed to loan us this money, leaving me in aw that such kindness had found its way to us.

We now own a vehicle and a home that we can move as we please. Filling this 68 gallon gas tank costs just over $200, but it was given to us ¾ full. A small thing that appreciated so greatly.

Along with visiting family, we have worked for these family friends to help repay them as much as we could at the time. We’ve also done yard for several other people who have loved to help us along our journey and share their past stories with us. It has been a pleasure to bring so many people back to their days of travel and youth. One person would lead us to the next, helping us find work each day to stay busy.

One lady made the decision to fill the rest of our gas tank up to get us started. We couldn’t help but to ask why she decided to do so, which responded with, “it’s just who I am.” She was eager to help us start our adventure. I nearly cried.

So far, I cannot say there has not been struggles, but there have been far more situations to be grateful for, proving to me that this is supposed to happen for us and that the universe will help it be so. We have heard and shared so many stories and created connections with some amazing people that have helped us start our journey on a positive note. We are now leaving the Yakima area towards the Washington coast humbled and fueled with passion to move forward.





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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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