Choices You Can Make to Start Living an Eco-friendlier Life Right Now

You don’t need a lot of extra money and extra time to help sustain a healthy planet, it is the everyday decisions that make a difference. Not all of us have the finances to get up and buy an electric car or solar panels, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t make an impact.

Here are a few ways you can do your part, starting today:


  • Use L. E. D lightbulbs

If your lightbulbs are not L. E. D, replace them! They use less energy and last longer as well, it’s a win, win!

  • Use reusable bags

Your local grocery store most likely sells reusable bags for less than a dollar. Plastic is one of the worst things for our planet. You can also never use plastic bags for your produce, as you wash them anyways.

If you ever happen to forget your reusable bags, make sure to tell the cashier that you would like paper bags instead, and make sure to recycle them later!

  • Recycle

This is an obvious one, but stay more conscious about your recycling. Make sure your recycling is clean so it really gets recycled, wash it if you need to, it doesn’t take that long. Make sure to recycle everything that you can! Make a goal of having more recycling than garbage.

  • Use compost

There’s a better use for your banana peels and broccoli stems than your trash can that can go back into our planet to help plant more plants!

  • Use a reusable water bottle/coffee container

I recommend stainless steel containers or glass, doubled paned to keep heat and cold drinks inside. Make sure to take this with you everywhere, even when you don’t think you’ll need it, because you may! Make sure to hand it over at the coffee shop to make sure you don’t waste a cup.

If you’d like a glass water bottle, you can get 25 percent off at Sand Cloud for one that says “Save The Fishies,” just use the code ShawntelleM25. This company donates 10 percent of its proceeds to marine life.

  • Buy from sustainable companies

Just like the one above! There are many companies that donate profits towards helping our planet thrive and even companies that use recycled materials, H&M’s conscious and Bionic collections being one of them. Seek them out!

  • Use natural lighting

I do this all the time! During the day, put up all your curtains, turn off the lights and enjoy the natural lighting! It seems to make me happier and it saves you money too!

  • Use your bike to transport

I’m not asking you to ride your bike to your parents house on the other side of the state on your bike. What I am recommending is riding your bike to work if it’s within 20 miles away or so. It seems like a drastic change, but that is exactly what this world needs! In doing this you can help reduce harmful emissions, get your exercise and save money!

  • Go vegan

By buying food not generated from animals, you are putting our world one step further from not supporting animal cruelty and global warming, as 51 percent of global warming is due to agriculture. One of my last blog go further into detail on this subject.

  • Check if you have a flex fuel car

If you don’t have money for an electric car, one thing you can do is research if your vehicle can take biofuels. If your car is older, it very well could be, even if it’s not written on your car. The biofuel options are not only better for the environment, they are also cheaper!

  • Plant plants!

Every plant makes a difference! Some plants that filter air include: Peace Lily, English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern and many more! As well as plants that attract the honey bee to help our wild honey bees thrive as well. These plants include: Lavender, Cornflower, Mint, Rosemary and lots more. Not only do these plants help our Earth, they are also gorgeous.


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