Reasonable Quality

Here I am making all of these suggestions to eat healthy and some of you may jump to the conclusion that it’s way too expensive. I am not arguing the fact that most healthy, organic foods are more expensive, because they simply are, or maybe we’re just used to eating cheap things.

When you are searching for something that is the best quality and going to be the most beneficial, usually it is the most expensive thing we end up purchasing. So why don’t we think the same way of our foods? Is it not as big of a priority? It should be, these ingredients, these chemicals are going into our bodies, and after that it’s out of our control, slowly making us sick.

The food industries know that cheaper foods attract more people than more expensive foods, and let’s be honest, they’re cheaply made.

We seem to question why healthy and organic is expensive, and that’s simple, we made it to be so.

These unhealthy foods are so massly produced and bought, plus simply just cheaply made that they are cheap to buy. This may also help to explain the findings, reported by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, saying that the highest rates of obesity are seen among people in lower-income groups.

Healthy and organic is sadly the exact opposite: not as produced or bought and made with quality ingredients and therefore more expensive to buy. Really, the more we buy these products, the less expensive they will get.

According to Mark Hyman, a famous physician, unhealthy food is cheaper because our government’s policies support its production. Why does it support its production? Because people eat it. Also, according to Hyman, though eating healthy can be more expensive in some ways, it can be more beneficial in others, such as lower health care costs because our bodies are getting the actual nutrients that it needs to heal itself.

Also, when you are eating better quality foods with less artificial fillers, the food keeps you fuller longer, therefore you would be eating less, equaling out the cost.

Really, it all comes down to priorities and what goes into your body is a big one. Once you see how you’ll feel eating these foods, believe me, you’ll never want to stop.


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