To The Things We’ll Never Be.

We will never all be geniuses, we’ll never all be doctors, athletes, models or logistic people. Of course, we’ll always strive to be, or at least we meant to be.

But our lives are meant for something greater than to wish. Maybe the whole journey through our lives is to explore and find ourselves, maybe it’s to find a place in the world, make bold statements and challenge the norm. Maybe it’s to find love or to make a strong argument.

Either way, we have the privilege and total horror to choose that meaning. That is our bold statement.

Never shall we be down-grated; nicked and picked or constructed into this perfect somebody, because there are many versions of perfection and you are yours, and because you’re sure as hell not meant to be changed by someone other than yourself.

Your life will always be full of “what if’s” but those splits in our paths decide where we are meant to be, not could have been. Future does not respond to dwelling and doubt.

If something you do drives someone nuts, it doesn’t mean you need change, it may just mean maybe that person isn’t for you, maybe they’re not a puzzle piece in your life.

Maybe life is about acceptance, acceptance in ourselves and acceptance in other people. Maybe it’s about learning to do things for yourself instead of dreading on the aftermath.

Maybe there’s no need to find yourself if you are no one other than yourself.

These words sound so simple, but life twists these into complicated; twists and turns and wrongs and rights, one person’s opinion after another; you can start to lose your way.

Maybe life is about freedom, freedom from wrong obligations, freedom within our very souls. Maybe life is about escaping the boundaries of our minds, stepping back and looking at the entire colorful canvas; not this simple paint brush that the artist thought was a mistake, and ended up being a beautiful stride that made the painting something to wonder in awe of.



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A spiritual traveler, following the moon and spreading my light wherever I go.

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