But are there good sugars?

What I have noticed is very popular in certain diets, like vegan especially, is juicing. So of course I looked into it and started to become really interested.

I looked at the nutrition labels such as the Naked drinks and was confused on the amounts of sugar, but if also had no added sugar. So of course it was all natural sugars from fruits. So I was convinced it was good for me, so I purchased it.

So first, let’s discuss natural sugars in fruit. Don’t underestimate the purpose of fiber. Natural sugars with the combination of natural fibers allows your liver to properly digest the sugars. But when you just take the juices from these fruits, you take away all of the fiber and keep all of the sugars.

Don’t get me wrong, natural fruit juices are definitely better than process juices from concentrate. But when it comes from sugar, natural or not, we process them all the same.

I know, isn’t it sad?

So no, Naked’s don’t necessarily help you look better naked.

Now let’s look at another fruit juice topic. Once again, Naked’s for example, are a step down from your own juicing, just like a step down from eating locally. These juices are so massively produced, that all of the fruit and vegetable nutrients have diminished greatly, probably by about 30-40 percent, because their old.

These are things I hope to bring to peoples knowledge. It is an entire new thought process on healthy eating. It is not easy.

And yes, I do love Naked’s, I’m not trying to bash on them. If I’m going to have fruit juice, it’ll probably be a Naked… In moderation.



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