A Sweet, Sweet Sickness

So I have been eating healthy for about 3 weeks now and I won’t say it’s easy, but I can say that it is worth it. I find it easier to wake up in the morning and not be dying to take a nap half way through the day.

Planning ahead is definitely a key role in a truly nutritious diet, because it’s not as easy as popping something in the microwaves whenever you’re hungry. Eating a nutritious diet is even harder than I had previously perceived, once you have a better understanding of what is healthy and what is not healthy.

For example, you may think a Nature Valley bar is healthy. But take a look at the nutritional facts on the back. Most people look at calories and fats; but that’s not always the most important.

A food can be low in fat and low in calories, but it probably wouldn’t taste very good, food industries know this, so what makes most foods taste better?


Four grams of sugar is equivalent to 1 tsp, and remember that were talking about one serving at a time.

So how does 16 grams of sugar sound to you now? It sounds like excess sugar that your liver can’t all store, and so has no choice but to turn into fat.

Now imagine a diet full of such a thing, added sugars are in 74 percent of what American’s eat according to sugarscience.org. As a result, the current obesity epidemic in our nation.

“Solutions” food industries produce to “help us become healthier” are actually the direct cause of obesity and other diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and fatty liver disease according to Harvard, by removing fats and calories to appear more appealing, they are adding sugars, so the food will still taste good and sell well.

Also, according to a Harvard study, increased doses of sugary drinks and foods not only greatly increases risks of obesity, but also an increase in the genetic risk of obesity as well. So not only is excess sugars affects our lives negatively, it is affecting a generation.

So not necessarily everything that says fat free, less fat, fewer calories is better for you, in fact, it’s most likely worse.

Sounds complicated, like you need to rethink your entire diet? Well you probably do, but it is even more complex than that even.

Once I started paying attention to food labels, I realized my grocery shopping probably took an hour longer than normal. Because it’s not just the amounts of sugars measured in the nutrition labels, it’s all the other words that sugar hides behind.

Sugar can hide behind names such as agave Nectar, blackstrap molasses, high fructose corn syrup, lactose, dextrose, maltodextrin, glucose solids, muscovado, golden syrup, sucrose the list goes on and on; sugar has 61 different names on dietary labels according to sugarscience.org. No matter what the name, they are all metabolically the same.

If the ingredients list on your food label is hardly legible, it’s not good for you, it’s another name to mask the actual ingredient that, if read, no one would want to eat.

These ingredients are making us obese and sick, but as long as it makes money, our health isn’t the food industries priority, money is.

Many industries for public health are fighting to have food industries put warning labels on excessive sugary foods and drinks, to raise awareness of exactly how unhealthy it is for your body.

So before you buy your next granola bar or fruit juice, make sure to take a good look at the nutritional facts about what you’re really putting into your body.



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