Here I am, a college senior about to graduate in a couple months, and I have been in a downward spiral. I’ve almost been positive the last couple of months that I have come down with something called depersonalization disorder (yes that is a real thing). It’s almost like depression, but like a loneliness that makes you lose track of who you are and causes you to feel disconnected from your surroundings. The past couple of months I have lacked motivation, inspiration and a feel of connection and meaning with the world. I’ve discovered that maybe I have A. D. D, I’ve tried to pinpoint as many quick remedies as I could, but that’s not the whole point here, there will always be an excuse to why I was feeling the way I was feeling, and I’m figuring out that the actual remedy is simple.

I have been watching a lot of health and food documentaries on Netflix lately, and I am now very knowledgeable as to what health really is and how it affects us. Some of the things I have learned have been how so many food industries packs our foods crammed packed with sugar. Why? Because it tastes good, it makes us come back; and not only that, but because sugar is scientifically proven to be more addicting than cocaine. So we’re addicted to these unhealthy foods full of sugar and pesticides, that our bodies don’t get the nutrients they need and can’t process all of them.

Do you know how the body processes access sugars? Through the liver, and the liver can only store so much sugar, so excess sugar instantly turns to fat.

Okay, so I don’t mean to turn this into a scientific lecture about foods, but hang on there with me because this has captured my interest for the past few weeks and I am appalled.

The food industry is literally making it difficult to eat healthy and causing obesity all over the nation! It’s causing us to be lazy by losing all of this energy from lack of nutrients and literally causing our whole bodies to not be able to function the way they should.

Long story short, but I have decided to eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables and nothing but healthy and organic, non-processed foods. And already I am feeling a difference in my energy levels and how I feel throughout the day, and this is just from less than a week of healthy eating!

Yes, it takes more time, but that’s normal! This generation has been taught that food should be fast, easy, processed. It’s become our habit, and it just takes a few weeks to start a new one, you just have to commit. It all comes down to how important your health is to you!

I feel like this is a whole new start to a new future, and I am so excited for it and so inspired! Just putting more focus in my groceries and my meals gives me more excitement and energy.

Throughout this blog I want to inform you of my inspiration and the things I have learned in depth, including the shocking involvement the food industry has in this nation’s obesity epidemic and the growing health industries focusing on masking the problems in our bodies instead of solving them through nutrition. I am also going to track my personal progress with my new lifestyle as an example to prove the importance nutrition has on your entire life.


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